Evolution Of Island Mammals. Adaptation And Extinction Of Placental Mammals On Islands

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Evolution on islands differs in a number of important ways from evolution on mainland areas

It provides a comprehensive overview of current knowledge on fossil island mammals worldwide, ranging from the Oligocene to the onset of the Holocene

Over millions of years of isolation, exceptional and sometimes bizarre mammals evolved on islands, such as pig-sized elephants and hippos, giant rats and gorilla-sized lemurs that would have been formidable to their mainland ancestors

The authors discuss the human factor in past extinction events and loss of insular biodiversity

The book addresses evolutionary processes and key aspects of insular mammal biology, exemplified by a variety of fossil species

This accessible and richly illustrated textbook is written for graduate level students and professional researchers in evolutionary biology, palaeontology, biogeography, zoology, and ecology.

This timely and innovative book is the first to offer a much-needed synthesis of recent advances in the exciting field of the evolution and extinction of fossil insular placental mammals

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